About Us

Golden Education is an Educational Consultancy Company based in Sydney, Australia. We have been working in RPL service for a long time and established good partnerships with most of Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), so we provide more than 200 kinds of qualifications. Our aim is to help the professions to gain their demanded qualifications successfully and efficiently.



A: All qualifications are issued by our partner RTOs. Different qualifications will be issued by different Education Providers. All of our partner RTOs are registered in Australian Government. The qualifications they issues are real,reliable and the recognizable Australia-wild.
A: You can find the RTO code in all qualifications. And each RTO code can be checked and found on the website of Australian Government. What you have to do is opening the website: https://training.gov.au/Search/SearchOrganisation, and inputting the RTO code written on your qualification, and then you can find all information of the RTO!
A: Recognition of Prior Leaning (RPL) is provided by Australian Government, and it is a process of assessing an individual's skills and knowledge acquired through previous training, work or life experience, which is used to grant status or credit in a academic units of study. The qualifications issued through RPL is the same as the qualifications issued from completing a course from schools.
A: We need the applicant to provide their evidence of working experience including photos, videos, reference letters and CVs. If the applicant had completed any course related to the qualification, they can also provide the certificates and transcripts from their previous study. RTO will assess all the materials provided by the applicant to ensure that the applicant can get his/her qualification.
A: Before we accept an application, we will provide the applicant a free skill-assessment to ensure that the applicant will get the qualification. If the applicant is eligible, he/she will undoubtedly get the qualification. If, just in case, the applicant could not get the qualification by accidents, the funds the applicant paid will be refunded.
A: The qualification issued through RPL is recognized by Australian Immigration Department, so it can be used for the skill assessment for migration purpose. As we all know, it takes long time to get a qualification from taking a course in Australia . However, Australian is a Country which changes its Migration Policy every half-year! So, for those who want to immigrate by skills, the longer time they wait, the higher risk they will face. In this case, RPL will be undoubtedly the best choice for them!