Do you have strong experience in a certain field, but you cannot establish you own business in the very industry just because you lack an Australian Qualification?

Are you looking for skilled immigration to Australia but you do not have a required Australian Qualification?

Do you have a solid working experience in some industry, but you are still thirsty for a related qualification to start you career in Australia?

We are here to help! We can help you gain your qualification by transferring your working experience to academical credit through RPL! You DO NOT need to SPEND MONEY AND TIME for going back to school to study again in such a major which you have already been working in for decades!

Recognition of Prior Leaning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Leaning (RPL) is a process of assessing an individual's skills and knowledge acquired through previous training, work or life experience, which is used to grant status or credit in a academic units of study. In other word, RPL is a process of issuing an Academic Qualification to a person with transferring his/her relevant working experience and skills to the academic credits.

Benefits of RPL

  • No more studying in schools required
  • A Streamlined process which normally takes 2 - 4 weeks
  • Nationally Recognised Qualification

Successful Stories of RPL


Jack (Nick Name) was a skilled plumber with advanced experience in plumbing, he also had a solid experience in other building related field. After hard working in Australia, he had established his own building company,

However, he could not obtain his plumbing licence due to that he had no relevant qualifications. Thus, he lost a lot of projects, and by the time, the only thing he could do was watching at others to take the project.

Recently, he have obtained his Certificate III in Plumbing and Certificate IV in Plumbing Services though RPL with our help. Now he has the qualifications to apply for his Plumbing Licence! He has already submitted his application for his licence, and the licence will be issued soon!

Story 2:

Ann (Nick Name) is a Child Educator who has been working in a Child Care Center in Sydney for about 10 years. However, she could never been promoted just because she didn't have the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

In her past career, many other staffs who were trained by her are getting higher positions than her while she was still in the same position. She wanted to achieve the Diploma degree however she has no time to go to school at all as not only did she need to take care for her work , she also had to take the stress of her family.

These days, she has finally obtained her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care though RPL by our help. Considering her qualification and her solid experience, we all believe that she will be promoted and get better salary soon!

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